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Medinco Group Ltd, through global partnerships, develops and supports global health initiatives within the domains of:
•    Medical Education 
•    Collaborative Health Research and Innovations
•    Global Surgery
•    Health Systems Strengthening

We collaborate with our affiliated entities, such as Hamilton Education Foundation, Hamilton University School of Medicine, Hamilton University Research Institute, and Omnicare Medical Center, to facilitate Global Health in the Turks and Caicos Islands in partnership with national, public, private, and international institutions. 

Our collaboration with international partners enables a number of global health initiatives to be developed with the four domains:



Medical Education

•    Equitable access to medical education and training.

•    Access to partner institutions Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs.

•    Academic Global Surgery programs.

•    Post-graduate certificate and skills-based training.

Collaborative Health Research and Innovation

•    Innovative research in support of global health equity.


•    Encourages health research in collaboration with global health institutions.

•    Facilitate the development and implementation of national health research agenda.


Global Surgery

Supports global surgery initiatives to improve the quality of surgery and anesthesia care and health outcomes:

  • Facilitates specialty-based partnerships to address healthcare service gaps and challenges in the Turks and Caicos and the wider Caribbean.

  • Increase equitable access to skills-based specialty training.

  • Develop and implement standard of care policies and guidelines in support of accreditation and ongoing quality assurance in healthcare delivery.


Health Systems

  • Supports national health systems strengthening initiatives in the areas of:

    • Health financing

    • Health systems resilience

    • Health emergency preparedness and response

    • Communicable disease surveillance

    • Mental health

    • Environmental Health and vector control

    • Expanded Program on Immunization

    • Health systems governance

    • Migrant health and equitable access to health

    • Primary health care delivery

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